Kate Jones is Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity, Director of the Biodiversity Modelling Research Group in the Centre for Biodiversity and Environmental Research (CBER), within the Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment (GEE) at University College London. 

Kate is a world-leading biodiversity modeller known for her innovative, broad cross-disciplinary research in the linkages between global change, biodiversity and ecosystem services, winning the Philip Leverhulme Prize for outstanding contributions to Zoology in 2008. Kate holds scientific advisory positions for a number of national and international conservation charities and was the Chair of The Bat Conservation Trust from 2010-2015. She also directs a number of citizen science projects monitoring biodiversity globally.

e: kate.e.jones@ucl.ac.uk

w: www.katejones.org

t: @ProfKateJones

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Dr Sarah Gallacher is a Research Scientist with Intel Labs Europe (ILE). Her research focusses on the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting the digital and physical worlds, and exploring how new connected technologies can positively impact on our everyday lives. She is currently part of a cross-institutional team who are developing and testing new IoT technologies in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, site of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Intel Labs Europe (ILE) is a network of Research & Development, Product, and Innovation Labs spanning the European region. ILE works closely with academic, industry, and government institutions to advance innovations and strengthen Europe’s technology leadership in the global community.

e: sarah.m.gallacher@intel.com

w: www.sarahgallacher.com

t: @sarah_gallacher

l: linkedin.com/in/sarahgallacher

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Peckham Coal Line

This is our urban garden, the graffiti is our wild flowers and the clattering of the trains our birdsong. The Peckham Coal line is a community-initiated project to turn the disused Rickett coal sidings into a high-level urban linear park that would connect Queens Road with Rye Lane, creating the missing link in a network of greenways that runs from Brixton to the Thames; while beyond the physical project the idea is also activating a community.

e: team@peckhamcoalline.org


t: @PeckhamCoalLine

f: /peckhamcoalline

Registered Charity No 1165247

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Green Lab

Ande Gregson is a creative technologist and entrepreneur with vast experience in creating and managing complex digital projects, multi-day international events and developing online products for consumer and business markets. While his past projects have included FabLab, media140, ScienceRewired and BigDataWeek, he's joining the GardenTech panel to discuss the ideas surrounding his latest project, Green Lab.

Green Lab takes the best from permaculture thinking, from small scale production, from experimentation, and from science and technology and design productive food systems that make the world a better place. They have built a workspace here in London that encourages creativity and collaboration and we are filling it with food entrepreneurs and thinkers that want to build better systems. We focus on insects, algae, hydroponics, aquaculture and fungi.

e. ande@greenlab.org

w. www.greenlab.org

t: @GreenLabOrg

i: /greenlaborg

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The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT)

BCT are the leading NGO solely devoted to the conservation of bats and the landscapes on which they rely. We work closely with many organisations including over 100 bat groups across the UK.

Bats are unique and play a vital role in our environment but during the last century bat populations suffered severe declines. We are working to secure the future of bats in our ever changing world by tackling the threats to bats, from persecution to loss of roosts and changing land use.

As the authoritative voice for bat conservation we work locally, nationally, across Europe and internationally.

National Bat Helpline: 0345 1300 228



t: @_BCT_

f: /BatConservationTrust

Registered Charity No 271823

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